The Contribution of PT Bintraco Dharma in Strengthening of Indonesian Coast

The Contribution of PT Bintraco Dharma in Strengthening of Indonesian Coast

7 Dec 2021

PT Bintraco Dharma Tbk as a LindungiHutan planting partner, has just implemented a work program for CSR in the field of environment it owns. The work program is the planting of 1,500 trees in Senik Hamlet, Bedono Village, Sayung Subdistrict, Demak Regency, Central Java.The action, which was held on February 7, 2020, successfully gathered 50 participants between employees of PT Bintraco Dharma Tbk and Volunteers of LindungiHutan Demak.

PT Industri dan Perdagangan Bintraco Dharma Tbk (PT Bintraco Dharma Tbk or 'Bintraco'; IDX: CARS) is a holding company engaged in automotive by overseeing various business fields, such as Nasmoco Toyota dealers, Andalan Finance financing, Meka Adipratama spare parts distributor, CARfix bending and CARSWORLD e-commerce.

The planting, entitled 'From Bintraco Group for Nature', is one of Bintraco's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for environment which was first implemented in 2020.After, there are similar devotional activities for health and education,  namely blood donor  and educational development in Indonesia.

In the field of Education, there are socialization activities and improvement of educational facilities, providing underprivileged scholarship programs, seminars and educator education in Indonesia.While in the field of health and social, there are extension activities and improvement of health services in Posyandu, blood donor, aid distribution and natural disaster relief. In the field of Environment, PT Bintraco Dharma Tbk is committed to maintaining environmental sustainability by planting Mangrove seeds to strengthen Indonesia's coast

Corporate Social Responsibility Becomes Easier, With Ecolify!

Corporate Social Responsibility Becomes Easier, With Ecolify!

Planting activities that were also attended by the Director of PT Bintraco Dharma Tbk, Joko Tri Sanyoto with several Bintraco employees, are considered important because environmental pollution often occurs these days, so preservation measures must be done in harmony, and the pollution that occurs does not have a more severe impact. Bintraco chose mangrove planting as environmental conservation, in addition to being a breakwater and neutralizing waste in the sea, Mangrove is also very necessary as a native habitat for wetland biodiversity. Mangroves can grow for a very long time if sown and cared for properly. Therefore, Bintraco is committed to realizing the growth of good mangrove plants for the coast of Indonesia.

In his opening this morning, Joko Tri Sanyoto also conveyed; "By carrying out CRS activities such as planting that will currently be carried out, Bintraco hopes to contribute to the life of ecosystems and the environment in a sustainable manner. And accelerating the creation of mangrove forest areas that I believe will provide abundant benefits for ecosystems in Bedono Coast, Sayung, Demak”

Bintraco not only wants to realize his devotion to the community, but also to the Environment. Through mangrove planting efforts, it is expected that the Indonesian coast is avoided from the threat of coastal abrasion which has recently become the scourge of surrounding communities.(Intan Widianti Kartika Putri/ Ecolify)

Ecolify is an environmental conservation platform that will connect companies, communities, organizations, brands to individuals, to jointly green Indonesia with the principles of sustainability and transparency. We will always open up collaboration opportunities and help improve your Corporate Responsibility initiative. Let's, together greening Indonesian because the Earth deserves the best recovery from its population collaboration initiative.


Translated by Tiara Nurazizah



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