Environmental CSR Greening the Mother Earth

Environmental CSR Greening the Mother Earth

17 Jan 2022

Environmental CSR Greening the Mother Earth

From day to day, environmental damage is getting worse and more detrimental to humans on Earth. It was humans who started the damage and made it a bigger risk. Various impacts of environmental damage that often occur; natural disasters, extinction of flora and fauna, pollution of soil - water and air, should have made people feel restless about nature which continues to deteriorate.

The human activity that can damage the environment is the opening of a business or industrial, which is running the business, many uses to eliminate Natural Resources in addition to Human Resources as raw materials in the production process. With such a deteriorating environmental condition, Environmental CSR is slowly coming to help to green the Earth and restore the optimal function of ecosystems on Earth.

In a short time, increasingly sophisticated technological advances, Natural Resources are starting to be processed into various industrial products, making forests or green lands reduced, and turned into plantation and agricultural land, to disturbing illegal businesses. Green land around companies and factories that run the production process is an ecosystem that can reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

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Examples of CSR Activities in the Environmental Sector

Corporate Social Responsibility Made Easier, With Ecolify!

In dealing with the impact of environmental damage caused by the operational processes of industry, every company should have responsibilities in various fields, such as the environment. Through Corporate Responsibility or CSR, the Company can carry out the production process without having to damage environmental sustainability.

Various finds of actions from the Environmental CSR program have been initiated by each company. With a similar mission, namely to produce without having to change, reduce, and damage the preservation of the surrounding environment, each company has its own uniqueness from its Environmental CSR program.

Some of the unique activities carried out by the Company's CSR in the field of the Environment is;

  • Recycled Books and the 'More Passengers More Trees' Program from PT Garuda Indonesia
  • Environmentally Friendly Village from PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa
  • Community Environment of PT Otsuka Indonesia
  • A Million Trees for Indonesia from PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia
  • Releasing Orangutan and Ecosystem Rehabilitation from PT Bank Central Asia
  • Eco-Uniform and Water for Life from PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia

With many companies in Indonesia starting to run CSR programs in various fields, this indicates that the concern of the industrial owners for the welfare of the community is still quite large. It's hoped that with this high level of concern, environmental sustainability and community welfare will continue to be maintained. (Intan Widianti Kartika Putri/ Ecolify).

Ecolify is an environmental conservation platform that will connect companies, communities, organizations, brands to individuals, to work together to make Indonesia green with the principles of sustainability and transparency. We will always open up opportunities for collaboration and help improve your Corporate Responsibility initiatives. Let's together make Indonesia green because Earth deserves the best recovery from the collaborative initiative of its people. https://ecolify.org


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