Indonesian Forest Monitoring Technology

Indonesian Forest Monitoring Technology

10 Dec 2021

LindungiHutan is an Indonesian startup as well as forest  technology and monitoring  service from the city of Semarang that focuses on fundraising, environmental and forest conservation movements. LindungiHutan has the tagline “Together We Make Indonesian Green” and was initiated by three young men from Semarang who believe that environmental problems do not just revolve around money, rob and flooding. LindungiHutan helps fund farmers to achieve a better standard of living. And providing education about the importance of planting trees and explaining how many environmental issues occur.The first campaign was launched with a total donation of 2,113 trees and involved 34 greening volunteers.

Until now, LindungiHutan still receives various collaborations with one goal, Greening Indonesia. Because LindungiHutan believes, the problem of environmental damage that is currently occurring, is unlikely to be solved with just one person. With only three founders of this startup. LindungiHutan also has several services to facilitate the community and companies to hold greening events.

Indonesian Forest Greening and Monitoring Services

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  • Greening Campaign

Towering sounds from the forest, then trying to be a solution by sending an invitation to all levels of society to participate in listening and participating in resolving environmental complaints. By creating a 'Nature Campaign' in each different region. Aim to support and help each other for the preservation of this nature. Greening campaigns can be voiced anywhere and anytime. LindungiHutan facilitates its users to create campaigns by creating an account first on the LindungiHutan website. In addition, users can also  support to campaigns that have been created by other users by donating or joining the action at the planting location that has been provided.

  •  Fundraising

With the funds owned, users can support a campaign through a donation system. And then, It will be used for seed procurement, planting, after-planting care,  and monitoring greening conditions. Users can donate anywhere and anytime even with any nominal rupiah. Each donation is adjusted to the price of the tree for users who want to support a campaign. 

  • Planting

The power owned can also participate in supporting the process of nature preservation. Although, this is not an easy task for everyone, but the long journey of carrying seedlings is a task that can be completed by people who are unyielding for sure. Users can choose the planting of trees that they want to follow, by choosing through the location of the planting closest to where the user lives, or by looking at environmental issues that the planting wants to attend.

  • Indonesia's Forest Monitoring

The greening process is not only completed on the planting of trees, then photo sessions together. However, the most important thing is precisely in the process afterwards, namely monitoring the results of planting. Crops need to be cared for by partners, farmers, and communities. The results of its development, will be reported and can be accessed periodically anywhere and anytime through the site.

  • Education and Socialization

Knowledge and information will be the basis in the decision-making process, LindungiHutan also publishes information through social media, and sites, so that people increasingly love the environment.  LindungiHutan also often holds seminars with volunteers and nature friends.Later, it is expected that the level of concern that has been embedded in the hearts of the drivers of greening action will increase after participating in the education and socialization forum held by LindungiHutan

  • Farmer Empowerment

LindungiHutan partners are farmers and communities around the forest. They are the ones who seek seedlings and make a living around the forest. They also have a choice between staying in the forest and maintaining the ecosystem, or even leaving the forest and  damaging the forest. With the help of users, LindungiHutan will help them stay empowered, without cutting down.

  •  Explore the Forest

In order to better understand and see the real conditions of our current forests, LindungiHutan invites nature friends to participate in walking and surfing through the beauty of forests in various regions in Indonesia. Using the concepts love of the environment and the preservation of ecosystems, participants will learn about the importance of maintaining the environment and forest

  • Volunteer Community

The unstoppable spirit of nature friends throughout the region, encourages LindungiHutan to create a container for them to be able to meet and become the protective drivers of forests in their respective regions.Because we know, moving together will feel more fun. (Intan Widianti Kartika Putri / Ecolify).

Ecolify is an environmental conservation platform that will connect companies, communities, organizations, brands to individuals, to jointly green Indonesia with the principles of sustainability and transparency. We will always open up collaboration opportunities and help improve your Corporate Responsibility initiative. Let's, together greening Indonesian because the Earth deserves the best recovery from its population collaboration initiative.

Translated by Tiara Nurazizah


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